We are a team of dedicated planners and experienced analysts with specialised competencies. With an extensive track record in strategic and regional planning, our primary focus has always been in the development of new townships, mature estates as well as industrial and other specialised parks.

Our approach to planning communities is both sensible and sensitive, with the intent to derive unique solutions that not only meet our customers' needs but would also achieve an ideal balance between market forces and the environment, within the local context and competition.

  • Regional Planning. For this expertise, we advise our customers on land use efficiency, infrastructure development and settlement growth. The land area for regional planning is significantly larger than that for an individual city or town.
  • Industrial Park Planning. Besides the usual zoning advice which comes with industrial development, we also offer our customers advice on dedicated infrastructure requirements, local environmental controls, clustering and sustainable practices.
  • Specialised Park Planning. We strike a balance in both fulfilling and redefining our customers' needs through careful studies before making our recommendations on planning for logistics and aerospace hubs, pharmaceutical and biotechnology parks, wafer fabrication parks, etc.
  • Feasibility Studies. Before a master plan is evolved, we offer our customers an evaluation of the potential impact of the intended plan, and this includes analysing economic data, legal frameworks, technology and systems, up to operations and timeframes.
  • Landscape Design. We endeavour to collaborate with our architecture, engineering and sustainability experts to offer our customers the best aesthetic and horticultural landscape planning for their land area.