Mr. Ramchandra Rao Bollepalli

Mr. Ramchandra Rao Bollepalli

Independent Director

Mr. Ramachandra Rao Bollepalli (DIN 00637389) graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Andhra University in 1966. He joined BHEL-Hyderabad Unit, in October 1968, and worked in various Product Groups and functions like Technology, Design of Heavy Fabrication and Machining equipments like Turbines & Generators (200MW) HP Heaters & Condensers, LP Heaters, Storage Tanks (500MW), Oil Rigs E760, E1400 & E2000 Draw works and Mast and Structure, Coal Pulverizes both Ball & Bowl Mills (Raymond Mills, with Planetary gear boxes), GT, Maintenance & Services, and Human Resources Management. Developed good vendor base for the fabrication & machining areas. Mr. Kaul continues as a member of the investment committees, boards and advisory boards of some Funds such as Blume Venture Fund, SEAF, Agri Business Fund, Rajasthan Venture Capital and SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd.

Mr. Bollepalli is an expert in electrical technology. He was in charge for the manufacture Turbo Generators 1.5-200 MW and introduced Resin Poor insulation technology, which significantly reduced the cost of 10 – 120 mw design. The generators were more competitive and had reduced mfg cycle time. He developed a new Over Hang Exciter up to 77mw that resulted in the reduction of Bearing Vibration Problem & improved the reliability. Various modules were developed without any assistance from collaborators to suit custom built requirements. He carried out the standardization of TG package suitable for GT Application as well as Steam Turbines. He has supplied & commissioned 3X Fr VI GTG, 2x6FA, 4x Fr IX to Oman & China, 2x Fr V to Quarayat (Saudi).

In November 2002, he was promoted as Group General Manager, in charge of BHEL Jhansi Unit (Transformers, Busducts and Locos Manufacturing Unit) and was associated in manufacturing Shiplift & Equipments required Karwar project.

In June 2003, he was elevated to the post of Executive Director and was given the additional charge of Varanasi and Rudrapur Unit. At BHEL Rudrapur unit, developed different custom built Solar modules using solar cells (Monocrystalline Technology) from BHEL EDN Bangalore unit. These modules are extensively being used in water heating and home lighting.

Mr. Bollepalli took charge of Ramachandrapuram Unit as Executive Director in April 2004, which is a “Star Unit‟ of BHEL (Turnover Rs.17550Mn Approx $ 440 Mn). Concentrated on GT Fr V & VI, Fr IX GE Design

BHEL offers a wide spectrum of World-Class Products and Services for the Power, Transmission, Industry, Transportation, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Defense Sectors etc. During his 36 years of distinguished career in BHEL, he built teams of high productivity and set records of technological excellence.

Through professional leadership and business acumen, he made all the products competitive in the market place through delivery cycle reduction, cost effective designs and War on Wastages.

Mr. Bollepalli is currently involved in:

  • Pipes fabrication: Developed and established technology for producing welded pipes Dia 3000mmx16mm thick for irrigation project of Godavari River lift irrigation scheme Pipes
  • Involved in Solar PV modules Manufacture at SEZ Hyderabad.