Mr. Seshagiri Rao Palle


Director of Strategic Projects- 28 years of experience


  • Ph D (Cambridge) – Nehru Scholar, M.Tech IIT, Kanpur, B.Tech, Warangal
  • F.I.C.E (UK), F.I.Struct.E (UK), F.I.E (India), C.Eng (UK), P.Eng (Canada)


  • Experience in design and construction of heavy civil engineering projects including nuclear and offshore. Hardened structures, both surface and deep underground
  • Value Engineered many schemes including reinforcement optimization for many tunnels hardened structures, above ground structures.
  • Experience in working with TMs, UFCs ETC, Eurocodes and ACI/ASCE, Dnv Standards and PDMS models.
  • Vast experience in the finite element static and seismic, and explosion analysis and design of nuclear buildings. The software used include AUTODYN, ANSYS Explicit, Civil FEM, DYNA etc
  • Experience in many hardened structures both in India and abroad using state of art.

Accolades and others:

  • Published 25 papers in national and international journals on structures, dynamics of structures, soil structure interaction, and accidental loads and analyses.
  • Nehru Scholarship & ORS Awards to study at Cambridge, UK
  • Six Travelling fellowships and best paper award won at Cambridge.

About him:

Dr Kasi has over 22 years of experience across a wide range of building and heavy civil engineering projects on land and offshore. Key projects in which he played a lead role include the world's largest offshore platform and the world's largest refinery and petrochemical complex. He has designed many hardened structures, both above and under the ground in India and abroad.

His involvement in most of our technically challenging and demanding projects from early stages of tenders led us to save cost and time. Combined with ‘how to build’ knowledge and technical background, he provided many alternate solutions in hardened structures and strategic facilities

Mr. Kasi is currently leading a team of engineers on the design/analysis and detail of Nuclear Auxiliary Building. Working for French Consultants, COB. Mr. Kasi developed a novel method for the design of one of the most complex building consisting 11 storey 27000m3 concrete building with 500 shear walls and 6000 penetrations. The Finite element design model developed is first of its kind for the modern EPR buildings which produced minimum steel design and eliminated all issues relating to clash detections. He produced 45 design documents for regulators and hardened facilities for aircraft impact are designed for seismic and threat loads.

Previous experiences:

  • Taishan Nuclear Power Station, NAB Design (3 years)
  • EPR Studies for Reinforcement Optimization

    Mr. Kasi was recently involved with a UK consultant in the optimization studies for the main nuclear island building, and pump house buildings. The generic studies are aimed to minimising the reinforcement for the entire nuclear island buildings in the EPR design. The hardened structures are designed for aircraft impacts.

  • Excel Phase 2, London (2 years)

    Mr. Kasi’s team were responsible for the design/detailing of 25000m2 of PT floors which were designed for 70T tanks and 70T boats and moving cranes.

  • Freelance consultant to Pell, Halcrow, LUL and Arup and WSP Hardened Facilities, India

  • Offshore Structures (7 years)

    Mr. Kasi was responsible for MCP01 platform life extension project, FEED studies on hybrid concrete platform for Cheviot, design and construction of Hibernia Platform and many other FEED studies for UK North Sea. Currently working on Round 3 Offshore wind turbine foundation design studies.

  • Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station (2 years)

    Mr. Kasi lead a team in UK for the design and analysis of control building and auxiliary building and produced documents for NII approvals.